Jordan Laubaugh In A Hotel Room In San Francisco. June 2018 | Self Portrait


I spent several actual minutes deciding whether I should write this in the third person or not… That might tell you everything you need to know about me. Just in case you feel that it doesn’t, here’s the rest.

I am originally from West Michigan; born in an unincorporated district between Hastings and Freeport. I spent a few of my youngest years in Woodland, before making it to Hastings at the ripe age of 10. The rest of my childhood was spent there and I graduated from Hastings High School (go Saxons) in 2008. I wasn’t the valedictorian or anything, but I remember reading some poem I wrote at graduation.

Like most of my peers, all I wanted after growing up in a small town was to be in a city. Within a week of the graduation ceremony I was living alone in an apartment in Grand Rapids. 2 years later I’d make my way to Wilmington, North Carolina and spend the better part of 20 months there.

The Wilmington chapter is where I started my first real company, Pandora Modeling. And after 20 months, when it was starting to show some promise, I took the new money I was making (not much) and bought a one-way ticket to Thailand. This was spring 2012.

Since then I’ve traveled to about 20 countries and led a mostly-nomadic bohemian lifestyle.

These days I’m identifying mostly as an artist and a writer. If I ever have any influence on anyone, I’ll be flattered.