Jordan Laubaugh in the closet.

About Jordan Laubaugh

Professional Bio:

Started Pandora Modeling - a management agency for adult video chat models - at age 20. Introduced the now happily much copied concept of applying ethical business practices to the porn industry. Grew the business from 0 to hundreds of clients and $5MM+/year in sales within a few years.

In 2018, quietly started shifting focus onto starting Scope 9. A dual-focused media agency built for brands and influencers. Attempting to introduce some novel concepts, will let you know how it all works out on this site.

Personal story. At both ends of the day, I’m just a businessman. At 20 I was a broke, college dropout who had spent the last few years reading the Four Hour Workweek, Dan Kennedy books, and every other business/self improvement book I could find. I was desperate to find a business to start. All I wanted to be was an entrepreneur.

I was introduced to the live cam industry through some friends in college and I fell in love. I’m part of the first generation raised on internet pornography, so to have the chance to work in it professionally in any capacity was a bigger dream than I’d ever have known to dream. It was a destiny moment. I dropped out of school and started a porn company.

Working in porn just means a life of awkward conversations. It’s challenging to talk about the positive outcomes I’ve had from it, because people read that as me trying to find a justification for it. The notion that porn needs to be positive to be valid really creeps me out. It’s just a media type with strong consumer demand. Some of it is good, some of it is bad, but porn as an asset class isn’t any one thing. It’s just the rawest form of human expression. I still find it fascinating.