my work

My day job is running Pandora Modeling, a management agency for adult video chat models (porn). I started this company back in 2011 and the intervening years have seen more success than I might have initially imagined. This is the work I do 40-60 hours a week.

At a philosophical level, I think entrepreneurs and artists utilize the same core set of skills; engaging ourselves by any means necessary to take part in the act of creation. As an entrepreneur, the creation is commerce. As an artist, the creation is something else, perhaps anything else. I’ve found more similarities in the two than differences.

At work, I try to spend my time working on my best ideas, the ideas only I can work on. Some days that’s on a spreadsheet, some days it’s on a canvas. Sometimes at home, often out in the world.

I figure that I’ll have the rest of my life to figure out what any of this means, what the correct identifier was, the box I should have let myself fit into. But for now, I’m going with Entrepreneur, Artist.


Pandora Modeling |

A management agency for adult video chat models. Adult video chat = live-streaming interactive chat based porn. Where a model chats with a customer in a 1 on 1 setting on a pay-per-second fee setup.

I heard first heard about it in the fall of 2009 through a friend of a friend, like we all did. Being a broke college student, weened on internet pornography, I didn’t have any reservations about diving in. I never had the looks to be a good model, but I managed to get rent paid starting out. This was at a time in my life shortly after reading Four Hour Work Week where I was desperately searching for my "muse”, a lifestyle business that could finance my ideal lifestyle. I saw a lot of operators in camming that were making more money than my dream lifestyle would cost who appeared to: suck at what they did, treat people badly, lie a lot. And so I saw an opening.

I really set out to run it like a boring, normal business, not like “a porn thing.” Could someone run a porn company without being sleazy? Could that someone be me? I felt the answer was yes and was pretty confident in my eventual success from day one. It took years to happen and my vision is still working it’s way towards fruition, but I cannot imagine a better path for someone like me.